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Shea Butter is widely known as an anti-aging and preventative moisturizer and is linked with aiding the following:

-Wrinkles and other blemishes
-Skin burns
-Increases skin balance, elasticity and tone.
-Eliminates dull, grayish complexion
-Stretch marks during pregnancy
-Wrinkle formation
-Dry, chapped, itchy skin
-Skin peeling

Shea Butter is a slightly yellowish or ivory-colored natural plant fat extract with exceptional moisturizing properties which comes from the karite or shea tree found only in the continent of Africa. The Shea tree produces it's first fruit when it is 15 to 20 years old and reaches it's full production, when the tree is about 45 years old. The producers will wait up to 30 years for the nut to contain a high concentration of irremovable fatty acid that gives Shea Butter it's healing properties and makes it more sought after than other butters like cocao butter. Each Shea tree will produce nuts for up to 200 years after reaching maturity.

The healing qualities of Shea Butter are due to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols, namely oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids. Containing both vitamins A & E, shea butter has proven successful in the treatment of various skin ailments including eczema and psoriasis. It helps to heal cuts and burns without scarring as well as minimize stretch marks.

Unrefined raw Shea Butter is solid at room temperature and extracted using only water. We recommend rubbing Shea in the palm of your hand and it will quickly melt for easy application.

All of our Shea Butter is sourced from members of the Co-Operatives for Women Shea Producers in Burkina Faso.

raw shea butter

Name: Raw Shea Butter Tin
Ounces: 2.5 oz
Cost: $10.00


Raw Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter Tin

raw shea butter raw shea butter raw shea butter

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